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How our pricing works?

Instead of providing premium features only in the advanced package, we provide our clients with all the features without having to choose a package. Call us now to discuss more about the pricing. The following features would be available for you regardless of the price

Features & Services

  • No forced dispatch We wont force you to dispatch specific loads, you decide that!
  • Setup Paperwork We set you up with the broker, sending them whatever they require, including insurance certificate & everything else
  • Personal Dispatcher We don't change dispatchers on daily basis, you'll have a dedicated dispatching who dispatches loads for you daily
  • 24/7 Dispatch Support Whatever queries or issues you may face, our professionals are always there to help
  • Factor Setup Assistance Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit
  • Payload is 100% yours Vehicle will only be having loads you decide, rather than having shared loads of other parties
  • Fax/Email documents We email you all the documents to keep you updated
  • Request Quick pay Organizing quick pays from broker, following up with them to make sure you get paid
  • Request insurance certificate Requesting insurance certificate for broker, from your insurance company, without bothering you
  • Collection assistance Making sure you get paid for all the loads on time
  • Negotiate the top paying rates Our professionals know how to negotiate the best rates for you, we make sure to provide you with the leading rates in the market
  • Credit checks Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit
  • Request fuel advances Request advance payments for loads if you're short on cash
  • Driver director assistance Providing alternative address if your GPS doesn't show address provided by the broker, or guiding routes if you cant find it yourself
  • Detention charges assistance Request extra pay from brokers if they load or unload you late and you have to spend extra time on a load
Why Choose Us
  • Coordination between drivers & customers
  • Provide drivers with all the documentation
  • Generate quality leads & potential customers with freight loads
  • Manage and create driver schedules
  • Provide your truck with all types of oversize permits when needed
  • You get 100% of your pay load
From booking & assigning loads to handling billing, & providing customer support, we do all the hassle so you can focus on growing your business

Who we are
What do we do

We’re a professional truck dispatching company with proven experience in the field. Our team helps you get the most profitable truck loads to deliver. By working with us, you can be assured about receiving truck loads on daily basis. Our professionals books the best loads for you, also providing you with necessary documentation, and quality support. So you can focus on growing your business while we handle the rest

Who we are
What do we do

Truck fleet owners can keep their trucks loaded and running smoothly with our services, we provide them with loads to deliver and ease all their stresses while they focus on the delivery. With years of experience handling & managing dispatch services, we have proven ourselves as a professional in the industry. Our experience speaks for itself. By providing quality dispatch loads & friendly support, handling the hassle all by ourselves, all that with pricing that's fit for every budget, we've gained our customers' trust

What do we excel in

Our Services 🚚

Dry Van Dispatch Services

Keep your dry van equipment booked and loaded with profitable dry van truck loads, with our Dry van services

Power Only Dispatch Services

Let us help you get loads that require Power Only equipment to get their goods transported

Flatbed Dispatch Services

Flatbed truck owners can use our Flatbed dispatch services to keep their fleet loaded and on the go

Reefer Dispatch Services

Get the most profitable reefer truck loads for your reefer fleet with our Reefer dispatch services

Owner Operator Dispatch Services

States Dispatch Services is the best choice for owner operators dispatch services.

Independent Freight Services

With independent dispatch services, cut the 'middleman' and still have your fleet up & running with quality loads

Who we are
What do we do

We keep your truck & fleet up & running on the road with high quality truck loads that generates you the best profit. Our prices are reasonable for every budget. No matter what type of truck loads you require, we’ve got you covered

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