What is a Dry Van trailer?


Dry van shipping might be the most common type and the mostly used dispatch services used worldwide. We’ll learn more about what Dry van freight is, and how does it differ from Reefer dispatch & other freight services.

As the name suggests, Dry van is used to transfer cargos that are not vulnerable to weather conditions & the goods that not require frozen or maintained temperatures to survive. Goods like clothing, machinery, or others can be transported through a Dry van container. However, if the goods require a controlled temperature, then Dry van won’t be the solution, items like food and beverages should be transported using Reefer dispatch services

Dry van trucking is often chosen for their convenience: In addition to being large and versatile, they protect cargo from bad weather, potential damage

Regardless of what type of products you’re shipping, as long as they aren’t required to be kept cold, dry van shipping can work for your transport needs.

For drivers looking for quality Dry van loads, States Dispatch Services can help you stay on the road by finding you the most profitable truck loads. Most of the work is done by us so you just have to focus on delivering the shipment. We include all the paperwork and documentation. Contact us to get started and to learn more

How can States Dispatch Services help?

States dispatch services will help you find the most profitable dispatch loads. We handle all the paperwork and provide the driver with all documents and information. So you stay on the road without any stress. 

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