Who is an Owner operator?


An owner operator truck driver is an independent driver engaged in the transport of goods and freight. Instead of working for a another company, they own and operate their own carrier vehicle, or manage their own fleet. Duties include determining routes, loading and unloading your truck, and delivering items according to the terms of their contract. As the owner, they decide which contracts they’d be working on. Owner operator truck drivers must also handle tire and engine problems, and maintain equipment.

There’s increased burden, but there’s also job relaxation. You are own boss and hence you decide which contract you’d be accepting and how many hours you should be working. However, every dispatch service has its ups and downs, and so does the owner operator.

The idea of being your own boss crosses everyone’s minds. But not all can survive the workload or burden that one may face. While in a regular job, you’d be working for a fixed amount of time, working for yourself may require double the amount of work. Owner operator could be the same, you’d be managing your own trucks and equipment, and run day to day business tasks.

States Dispatch Services would help Owner Operators find most profitable freight loads to deliver. Owner operators can let us take all the stress while they can focus on the delivery and their fleet. We at States Dispatch Services provide a flexible pricing plan that is fit for every budget. We provide top quality dispatch loads + 24 /7 support, and handle all the paperwork.

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How can States Dispatch Services help?

States dispatch services will help you find the most profitable dispatch loads. We handle all the paperwork and provide the driver with all documents and information. So you stay on the road without any stress. 

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