States Dispatch Services LLC

Quality Dispatch Services For Every Budget

Who We Are?

States Dispatch Services LLC. Is one of the US’ most reliable truck dispatch service companies – providing 24/7 truck dispatch services for both carriers and lease on owner/operators. We own the privilege of being the first point of contact to initiate an appropriate response to requests and orders and execute operations in the most professional way with utmost attention to the finest details and increased efficiency.

Services We Provide

What Makes Us Different?

Our Expertise

We specialize in booking and Dispatching of the following:

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Hostshot flat bed
Box truck
5% of Gross
$299 per week per Truck
6% of Gross
$349 per week per Truck
10% of Gross
$399 per week per Truck

For any other queries relating to pricing, give us a call at (859) 846-6060

What do you get

  • We negotiate and book a load for you with your consent
  • Fill out carrier packet
  • Arranging COI from your insurance company for the shipper
  • Updating status to the Client
  • Negotiating on the Detention, Layover, etc or on any other charges applicable with the broker/client.
  • Moreover if any assistance is required during the load, we have a team to assist you 24*7.
  • What's in for the client

    Total control. You'll never have to worry about documentation or any case of missing paperwork, Rate con, BOL, POD.

    Dedicated Dispatchers

    Trained professionals with years of experience in generating quality leads & loads for you.

    Quality Assurance

    Making sure to double check everything before you get going. How the load is loaded and maintained, what possible problem could have occurred, we make sure to handle all the problems before you hit the road, so you can focus on your role stress-free.

    Divided Workload Among Professionals Our team consists of different departments, work is divided according to the expertise of the individuals, which includes

  • Billing Department

    Our billing department manages & provides you with invoices so you can keep a check on the transactions.

  • Customer Support

    Top notch customer support handling all your queries and concerns

  • Booking Specialists

    Professionals who are aware of all the new trends in the market and how to book most profitable loads for our clients.

    From generating the best quality loads, to manage billing, providing top quality support, and making sure of your safety & the safety of the goods, We at States Dispatch Services make sure to make business easy for you, as our client's growth is our top priority