How to Improve Your Truck Dispatch Services and Save Money in the Process

In today’s automated world, trucks can now arrive to pick up their loads at the push of a button. This has made the trucking industry even more competitive than it already was. In order to stay competitive, trucking companies need to improve their dispatch services and save money in the process. Improving your dispatch services and saving money will require a detailed analysis of all of your company’s costs. Here are some ways you can improve your dispatch services and save money in the process.


Track Down Hidden Costs

The first step in improving your truck dispatch services is to track down all the hidden costs. This includes identifying areas where you are wasting money. For instance, if you’re paying for expensive real estate while your drivers are sitting idle one day a week, then this is an area where you can make some changes. You can reduce the cost of your driver’s downtime by using a scheduling system that can simultaneously send out loads on the same day instead of having drivers wait around for pickups.

Another area where companies waste a lot of money is when they transport empty containers or trailers. If you have an empty trailer and want to save money, then find ways to fill it up with other goods on your way back from dropping off earlier shipments. You can also use an app that helps trucking companies share empty space with other trucking companies, which will help both parties save gas and time.


Use Automation When You Can

One of the best ways to improve your dispatch services and save money is to scale back on any manual labor that you can. There are many technologies available that will help you do this. For example, if you’re using an electronic logging device (ELD) for compliance, then it’s likely that your company is already using a service that automatically records the arrival and departure of trucks. While it’s important to have someone on staff in order to make sure all vehicles are operating properly, there is a lot of information and data available to those who use these types of systems.


Learn About Driver Behavior

Driver behavior is a key component in improving your dispatch services and saving the company money. Study driver behavior by actively engaging with drivers and discussing their experiences. Driver behavior is an excellent way to identify where you can cut some costs and improve efficiency.


Clarify How You Charge for Dispatch Services

One of the most important factors in managing trucking dispatch services is clarifying how you charge for them. This can be done by analyzing your company’s revenue and expenses. By doing this, you will be able to see where the possible savings are, which can then be transferred to your dispatch department. You will also be able to see how much money you’re losing on each dispatched load.


Track and Monitor Trucker Shift Changes

One way to improve your dispatch services and save money is by analyzing the shifts of your truckers. You need to make sure that you are paying your drivers correctly for their time. For example, if a driver is on the clock, you need to make sure that they are paid for their hours of work. Furthermore, you want to make sure that they are not working more than 10 hours in a 14 hour window. Additionally, you want to be aware of any changes in shift length. If you have a driver who works 9-5 every day of the week but then decides they want to change their shift length to 11am-7pm, this will affect how much money your company has been spending on labor costs.



By following these five steps, you can boost your truck dispatch service costs and improve driver behavior.

In order to save money, it is important to know how much your drivers are costing you. When you track and monitor shift changes, you can see the long-term costs associated with drivers. Keep track of dispatch costs and billing by driver. When you use automation when possible, your drivers will be less likely to make costly mistakes. Keep the hidden costs down by tracking mileage for all drivers. When you are running a truck dispatch service, it is important to clarify how you charge for dispatch services in order to have a fair estimate of what a driver’s dispatch cost will be. By following these five steps, you can boost your truck dispatch service costs and improve driver behavior.

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