What is a Reefer truck?


One of the most popular dispatch & freight services used worldwide is called Reefer dispatch service, or Reefer container. What is it anyway?

Goods that require temperature to be  maintained & controlled are transported inside Reefer containers. Reefer containers are essentials if the goods can not survive specific weather conditions.  They act as refrigerator & freezer to keep the goods fresh. Also, if the goods cannot survive cold weather conditions or have a specific temperature limit(s), Reefer containers can also act as a heater to keep the goods heated & warm.

Your Reefer container is like an investment, a high & constant paying one! Since, foods & beverages are to be transported every time of the year, there’s a high possibility that your Reefer container will be staying on the road. Reefer freight usually pays higher than other dispatch services.

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How can States Dispatch Services help?

States dispatch services will help you find the most profitable dispatch loads. We handle all the paperwork and provide the driver with all documents and information. So you stay on the road without any stress. 

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